Welcome to the Art Connection's Online Auction House.

Here's how it works...

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To bid on an item, fill out the form, including your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE and EMAIL ADDRESS.

Then enter a BID greater than or equal to the current high bid.

On each auction page, you will find:

- An image of the item to be auctioned along with information about the painting and artist. Each auction page displays an To submit a bid on an item, simply fill out the form and enter your bid. (you do not need to use a coma. example: $1,200 = 1200). Once your bid is submitted you will receive an immediate response comfirming your information and your bid and you should keep a copy of this for your records.

If you are the new high bidder, your information will replace the existing information on that auction page. (you may have to reload your browser to see update)

Upon close of auction, the auction administrator will notify the winning bidder within 12 hours.

In case of a tie, each high bidder will be notified by auction administrator and enter a one-time "blind auction" bid starting at the current high price. Each bidder will submit one email bid in a designated amount of time. In case of another tie, this process will continue until there is only one highest bid.

In the event that a bidder defaults on their intent to purchase an item, the option would go to the next highest bidder.

If you have any questions or would like more information about a particular please send us an email at