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Ancizar was born in Colombia in 1968. After struggling through grade school, Marin was introduced to art by a favorite uncle, and his life began to change. By 1982 he was was enrolled at the Bellas Artes Institute in Manizales, Colombia, and impressing his instructors and parents alike. Marin went on to study sculpture at the Luccio Petraglia School of Art in Bogota, specializing in bronze and steel. After graduation,ANCIZAR continued to experiment with bronze, steel, chrome and glass. Exposure to other cultures through South American travel inspired the artist to work with new textures and colors. His latest technique uses fiberglass and resin to create color-saturated sculptures with a thickly polished look. These take many shapes, but the most widely recognized design depicts human figures suspended on wires giving the impression that they are climbing the wall like a rock climber would scale a cliff.